The barber shop was at corner of Park (Park was between Stanford and Acacia, parallel to Acacia) and Euclid (now Main). Only about 8 foot square of it was run by Mr. Simon until he retired and sold it. It became a shoe repair shop owned and operated by Jesse and Mattie Crawford for 30 years. During that time it was enlarged. Then Mr. Surbrun bought it and it became a barber shop again for about 10 years. Saved from demolition it was moved here.

Although this building was never a medical office, the rear room contains dental and medical equipment displays. A medical bag, saddle, a prescription and a chair that belonged to longtime resident and pioneer physician Dr. Violett are also displayed.
The garage, originally owned by Robert Disney (uncle of Roy and Walt Disney) in North Hollywood, was used by Walt as a studio when he came to California in 1923. It was saved from demolition in 1984 by The Friends of Walt Disney, who housed, insured, and generously donated the historical building to the Stanley Ranch Museum.
Disney Studio
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